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​​Premier Wood Renewal
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sanding and refinishing

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Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing
sanding - refinishing - installation - repair
Proudly serving Central and Northern New Jersey for 15 years!

Sandless Wood Floor Recoat

old floors
new floors
pre finished floors
engineered floors.  

Any type of wood floor can be restored with our sandless and dustless process!
If your hardwood floor has lost its glow and is starting to show signs of mild wear and tear then our Sandless Recoat system is the solution to 
having your floors looking awesome again.

During the course of everyday living the protective coating on the wood (polyurethane) will start to break down and wear away. Dirt, dogs, water (puddles), inappropriate cleaning products and excessive cleaning are the biggest enemies to your wood floor. The key to preserving the life of your floor is to prevent the damage from getting through the topcoats and into the wood.

Our Sandless Recoat will clean the floor surface, eliminate those minor scratches on the surface of the floor and provide a new layer of polyurethane to protect the floor. Yes, a new layer of polyurethane can be applied on top of the old one.

This process can be completed in a few hours and will enable you to have access to the floor by the same evening. If your floor has scratches/gouges beneath the surface of the finish, is uneven, has inconsistent color or you would like to have a color change then a 
complete sanding/refinishing is necessary.

If we can't achieve great results with our Sandless Recoat then read about our Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing options.
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