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Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing
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Wood Floor Care

Proper care and maintenance are the keys to preserving  the life of your hardwood floor.  While the polyurethanes we use are very durable...there is nothing bullet proof nor exempt from damage.

By following these simple tips you will enjoy your wood 
floors for many years.

-routine cleaning with a dry microfiber mop, microfiber mop dampened 
with plain tap water

-microfiber mop used with Bona hardwood floor cleaner

-clean up any liquids as soon as possible

-protect high traffic areas with mats, runners or area rugs

-protect the bottom of all furniture with felt pads

-lift and place heavy objects onto floor

-buff and coat floor surface approximately every 4-10 years (based 
upon foot traffic, dogs and cleaning)


-do not use 99% of products sold to clean or rejuvenate floors. Most 
of the products on the market will produce undesirable results.

-steam clean wood floor

-allow liquids to rest for long periods of time

-clean excessively

-drag unprotected furniture or heavy items across floor
-apply wax